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    Originally posted by Razman27 View Post
    How do i make the actors rotation face the target? ie so you are always facing the tagert when you press f to lock on.
    Cause the camera turns to face the target but not my character.
    I didn't hard code for the controlled pawn to rotate towards the target. I may include this in the 4.19 release though. For now you should be able to make a workaround in the controller to force the controlled pawn to face the component's target with a 'Set Actor Rotation' (if there is one).

    Example, but include an IsValid macro check before accessing the target from the component:

    PS: It appears that the forum upgrade killed my subscription status on this thread. Sorry for the late reply c( ⁰ 〰 ⁰ )੭
    Marketplace code plugin: AesTargeting - Make your Actors targetable =)