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    Here is my suggestion on improving UE4's documentation...

    I am just a beginner, but I have a feeling that things like this should be documented:

    And it's not.

    You cannot get onto the Play Store with a daydream app without a launch image. It's a requirement according to Google's documentation.

    For routine things, which everyone has to do, and for issues for which there are policy requirements preventing distribution of apps made with the UE4 engine there should be easy-to-find, clearly identifiable documentation. Google isn't going to pick up the slack in this department. Not any time soon.

    Again, I am no expert, but I think this is probably one of the things should be considered the bare minimum when it comes to documentation, and it just doesn't exist. I appreciate AnswerHub and the staff devoted to answering questions on it. It's extremely helpful. But I don't think I should be asking AnswerHub how to do something like this.

    I get it. I understand writing documentation is a huge pain and it's something no one wants to do, and I get that it's hard work trying to tie the engine into all these various platforms, and things are moving super fast, and I would be terrible at trying to do what you guys do, trying to keep up with all the changes...but you asked for my suggestion and my suggestion, as wannabe low-budget indie developer who looks forward to sharing revenue with Epic, is to actually write the documentation.
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      Since this is "stickied" I am guessing it is still reviewed, periodically. Just posted in another thread about the non-availability of documentation off line. I am a teacher, trying to review Unreal for possible inclusion in courses I teach (or plan to teach) at my University. But during the summer I am not sitting at my desk, in my office, with most excellent internet access. I am at home, where I live "off the grid", using solar energy system, etc. (i.e. NO internet outside of limited access on my cell phone.)

      The fact that I can download all of the code for the program, but not a simple PDF (or similar) file for the documentation is very frustrating. I don't need the code. I need to figure out how to do the things I am considering including in a class and that often requires looking up info in a manual . . .

      My second comment is somewhat related. I have only had the software for a few days, but already have experienced several crashes of the editor. Of course these all spawn a request to submit a report to Epic / Unreal Engine . . . with no interent access, I cannot submit a report to document the crash and help you identify the issue and improve the code.


        Documentation needs two people full time working on fixing and filling documentation, a couple of guys on the forums and answer forum to unify, fix and review all information and moving useful information to the wiki or documentation pages, and somebody who updates tutorials and organizes all.
        Take ideas from Stack Overflow, it works like a charm.


          Better documentation for c++ please ! More simple tutorials for ue4 . Because this we have today is outdated right ?

          Blueprint we already have much documentation . Is the c++ that's struggle .


            Someone really needs to go through the documentation and make sure it provides actually useful information.

            Some examples: The "Timelines" page (, which has absolutely zero information on what Timelines actually do and just copies the description text from the engine. Compare that to the "Using Timers" page (, which starts with a description of what Timers are and examples of what they can do, which is what you would expect of documentation.

            Another example: The "Animation Sequence User Guide" has some helpful intro text, but the "guide" part just says to put the node in an animation BP and connect the pose. Nearly anyone who's actually looking at the documentation would already know how to do this. Meanwhile, there's no information (or links to a page with information) on the properties of the Play node or what they do, or examples of how they can be manipulated to achieve some non-default outcome. The basic instructions should probably not be removed in case someone very new happens to look up the page, but it's nowhere near sufficient for a "user guide."

            Another example: There appears to be no documentation whatsoever for the Anim Sequence Evaluator or Blendspace Evaluator nodes.

            These are just basic examples - there many many more like these.


              This is not because I'm moving from Unity but they got the Rolls-Royce of documentation (I found the right answer in 5 minutes in the Unity Documentation, For Unreal... I pass 10 minutes for a thing which is not documented, moving to the Answer Hub, and moving to the forums, to Google... and 1 hour lost). At each release, the documentation should update all its posts. To be sure that everything is still compatible (which is not the case). For example, I've lost 1 hour to find where to change Preview Level to Android because the documentation was obsolete.

              Furthermore, for the C++ API part. It should be awesome to have examples with it. And the results in game. For example, the FLatentInfo I don't know how to use it when, it's utility even if I'm sure it's powerfull.

              Edit: And the possibility to download it (It could be awesome to have a doc which can be update via GitHub or something)

              Best regards,

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                With regards to search, what term(s) were you searching for when you were looking for our Mobile Previewer? Using just the word "Preview", the first selection in our search was the option I wanted. To test this out, I did the same on Unity's Documentation and searched "Preview" and even "Mobile Preview" but was left in the same boat as you that it didn't return the result I wanted.

                We're always happy to hear suggestions for improving our search and we are actively working toward improving this in the future for better discoverability of documentation.

                For the C++ API this is also a large task that we're working on, but it'll take time. I don't have an ETA really but it's something that is requested often and something we're aware we need to address.

                Tim Hobson | Learning Resources | Epic Games
                UE4 Documentation


                  Documentation keeps getting better all the time.... kudos. With such a large documentation base that changes over time, it would be really useful to see recent changes like a "documentation changelog".

                  Keep up the good work :-)


                    I just noticed that I find the documentation pages a lot more useful than before, good job guys

                    One thing I still would like to see: I think allowing users to edit documentation pages would tremendously improve the documentation. I know that it's a bad idea to allow just anyone to update pages, but I think this feature could prove doable if you guys also implement some sort of reputation.

                    People can only freely update pages when they have enough reputation, otherwise their udpates have to be approved by someone with enough reputation. One can only earn and loose reputations by updating pages, earning reputation when their updates gets approved, none when it gets denied. Additionally penalties could be dealt out for bad updates - whether they have already been approved or not - which would make you loose reputation. The penalties could/should be large enough to scare people off


                      Could Epic please add more docs on AI with examples ? (Nav Link Proxies, Smart Nav Link components, AI Perception, etc.)


                        Tim Hobson

                        Sorry for late reply :s

                        I wrote "Change viewport Android" because I didn't know it was called a "Preview". It's just me but I think C++ coding (scripting) is not enough highlighted and as a coder (more a Engine's C++ User) It's too bad that BP take so much place.

                        I know it's not the subject but do you have the new Wiki's release date ?




                          So here is my burn down list that I would personally like to see:

                          -Epic having a procedure in place where when they answer a question (such as on answerhub), they follow up by checking the related documentation and adding that answer into the documentation so that we stop having so many repeated questions. If you are seeing questions, it is often because either it is darn difficult to FIND the answer, or the answer is not communicated clearly. So, start using your questions in Answerhub as the guide for updating your documentation.

                          -A document/weblist listing all default blueprint nodes, grouped as they are grouped by default in the right-click context menus, detailing the functionality/use of the node, preferably with links to default input/output nodes.

                          -Consolidation, perhaps curated by topic, of previously answered questions to reduce the overwhelming number of Q&A threads. (Essentially step one of the first suggestion). This would make it easier for us to find the answers we need without having to ask repeat questions, and give those answering a single target source to point questioners too.


                            I feel very strongly that a Forum post is the WRONG way to solicit feedback about documentation.

                            There should be a button on EVERY page of documentation that allows users to submit feedback, which will be ticketed with the link to that page of the Documentation. This can be done off-the-shelf with Zendesk, but I'm sure Epic Games can figure it out somehow.

                            Users should be able to click the button and send feedback about that page of documentation to Epic, point out what's erroneous about it, how it can be made more clear, point out what the user would have liked from that page, etc. That would make it SO much easier for users. When I couldn't find a similar button like that, my next step was to go search the forums, and lo and behold, this is where you want users to submit their feedback. I can imagine that extra, non-intuitive step of added friction will have Epic missing out on a mountain of feedback from users who are effectively doing the job for you(pointing out what's out-of-date/wrong and how to fix it).


                              VR_Nima Thank you for your feedback! We are investigating solutions along the lines you describe above.

                              Jim Bradbury | Learning Resources | Epic Games
                              Jim Bradbury | Learning Resources | Epic Games


                                Hello! One thing that would be useful for the documentation is updating it as Unreal's features change. Material properties for example is still stuck on version 4.9. There are several differences between version 4.22's properties and version 4.9's. I'm sure it's not the only section that needs updating.


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                                  Editing a comment
                                  Thank you for your feedback! I agree that there are some very 'stale' topics in the documentation. The documentation set is large, and we are looking at ways to efficiently stay in-sync with the Engine releases. We have recruited some help, so you should see more on-going updates than in the past.