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    Hi! thank you for opening the feedback:
    It would be so nice to be able to add comments to the posts. That could allow:
    1- Add suggestions to the documentation
    2- Add links to places in the forum, knowledgebase or youtube where these things are solved/explained by other people.
    3- Allow the chance for the community to improve the documentation as some times it's insufficient.
    4- It will be possible to track changes that occur with the lunch of new versions of Unreal.

    It would also be really great to be able to propose new articles. Today I had a big issue with an article that exists for Matinee but doesn't exist for Sequencer. Helping out to point out these issues could save us all a big amount of time. Unreal is a fantastic tool.. please consider opening the documentation to the community.

    best wishes!


      Hi guys but the Mobile Patch Utility Nodes documentation and the Mobile Packaging Wizard are too weak, for example, they don't explain the details of the process of doing the patch files nor explaining where can a person find the manifest file, mean the process is unclear and is vague, what I wanted is simply to upload the levels files to the web and upload a small APK to the google play store and then when someone plays the game he only downloads the desired level to play, the documentation failed to guide me to this goal. also, why should we do a development build?


        A quick simple one, in Assertions,

        has ensureMsg as a macro, which no longer exists. Use just use ensureMsgf instead.


          Hi. Im new to Unreal but have some experience in Unity and small amount in C++ console apps etc. I keep getting errors every time I add or change the #includes list in any way. The errors can go often just by deleting the space behind GENERATED_BODY(). But I am on the main website basic C++ tutorials from Unreal here and I might be being completely stupid but they are not easy to follow.

          Reason is I think the IWYU principle now in place. But the tutorial doesn't seem to match that.

          I think if I am right the tutorial is based of some old version of Unreal. But really, not to be rude, but this isn't really very impressive for the IWYU has been on Unreal since I first downloaded it months ago, and this tutorial is a beginner level and one of the first you find on Unreal Engine website.

          In fact, I find very few tutorials that seem to mention the IWYU practice and most of them are extremely difficult to follow due to countless google searches need to find the right includes and then debugging strange errors by adding said includes.

          Really isn't it about time to add some newly written , current version tutorials?

          That said, I really like the engine and am hoping to master it enough to produce some games/prototypes soon.


            This part of doucmentation needs to be updated.
            Because Unity now supports nested prefabs and prefab variants, which is inheritance.
            UE4 Blueprint Classes can be extended



              I think there is something missing here

              You also need to setup 'run behaviortree' and possibly there is a potential bug if you don't run 'use blackboard', and you really need to elaborate on the two variations of 'get blackboard'...??

              Click image for larger version  Name:	BT_BB_Setup1.png Views:	0 Size:	55.3 KB ID:	1709283

              .. sorry, you place the Run at "Event On Possess"... still there is a use balckboard that needs to be there?
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                The sort order of topics / pages in the sidebar seems rather random. It would be helpful if the topics were arranged in a more logical order (or, alternatively, alphabetical)

                "Programming Guide"
                The first topic would probably be "Programming Quick Start" or "Development Setup".


                  The header files for the UE4 C++ Quickstart Tutorial are missing in FloatingActor.cpp

                  #include "UObject\ConstructorHelpers.h"
                  #include "Components\StaticMeshComponent.h"

                  And for the Particles
                  #include "Particles\ParticleSystemComponent.h"


                    Ue4的在软件中加了中文翻译,让使用更加方便,但是我在这些翻译中发现了很多浅显的错误,会中文的人一看就能明白的错误,希望官方在发布的时候可以找个会中文的员工梳理一下这些文档 [ATTACH=JSON]n1710112[/ATTACH]



                      was following the guide below using UE4.24 and had to tweak to make it work as it should:

                      The "MyPawn1" object in the tree has a subchild below "RootComponent (Inherited)" called "OurVisibleComponent(Inherited)"
                      The guide tells that you should add a cylinder in the "Static Mesh" section but there is no such section.
                      I could manually select "RootComponent (Inherited)" then press "+Add Component", "Static Mesh"
                      Then modify the code in AMyPawn::Tick to search for all child components until I find the static mesh node.
                      This is a real hack though but I thought it could be good to know that the c++ tutorial doesn't work with the "Grow"-feature in UE4.24
                      Then a few includes are missing but I guess that's easy to figure out by yourself :-)

                          // Handle growing and shrinking based on our "Grow" action
                              FString s = "StaticMesh1";
                              for (int i = 0; i < RootComponent->GetNumChildrenComponents(); ++i)
                                  USceneComponent* c = RootComponent->GetChildComponent(i);
                                  FString str = c->GetName();
                                  if (str.Equals(s)) {
                                      float CurrentScale = c->GetComponentScale().X;
                                      if (bGrowing)
                                          // Grow to double size over the course of one second
                                          CurrentScale += DeltaTime;
                                          // Shrink half as fast as we grow
                                          CurrentScale -= (DeltaTime * 0.5f);
                                      // Make sure we never drop below our starting size, or increase past double size.
                                      CurrentScale = FMath::Clamp(CurrentScale, 1.0f, 2.0f);
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                        step 6 has two errors in code i believe

                        first one is; what the heck is 424

                        World->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(FiringTimer, this, &AThirdPersonMP424Character::StopFire, FireRate, false);
                        second one is HandleFire_Implementation. According to the header file, should it not have been only HandleFire?



                          The page for Saving Your Game with Blueprints ( is empty, I am not sure if it's a place holder for future documentation or a link that is not working properly.


                            I have found a link to the Landscape Technical Guide on Reddit. The guide was for me very helpful but it is not connected to all the other Landscape documentation so i have never seen it before.


                              Its seems to me that parts are omitted or missing from the landscape documentation.
                              particularly, the one we get questions on the forum the most, World Composition.

                              I recall there used to be a page detaling the Z scale, for instance, ((max landscape height / 512) * 100 ), and on how to change the imported tile settings after import.

                              obviously, with the most recent update, there are also new features omitted from the docs about landscapes.

                              Just hoping that along with some much needed content examples for the new stuff we also get a full review of all the landscape docs...

                              particularly, the size recommendations since hardware keeps getting better?


                                When editing a blueprint I was not able to see how to "split a node" - that is the link-line for execution and for variables. This is done using Double Left-Click. However in the documentation the double-click is is describes like this - i don't know what "go to" mean? :
                                Go to Associated Node/Graph
                                Double Left-Click on a Node
                                Also I found that you must Ctrl-LMB to select these node-split-points.