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    The LPV page redirects to the Korean language version.
    Mark Jardine
    Architectural Designer
    Field Architecture


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      We are looking into the cause for issues like this, but the solution we have found to work is to delete all cookies for and delete cache in your browser. Can you try that and let us know if that resolves it for now?

    Hi there, i can't proceed with SpatialOS your exe does not download

    Am trying to use SPATIALOS

    But this link is not working and i needed to proceed and the exe file is stored on you server

    The one am interested is this one

    What should i do?

    Best Regards


      images still broken on the Composure page -


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        I am seeing images on that page. Can you confirm they are still broken on your end? Make sure you do a full refresh just to be safe (Shift + F5 on Chrome).
      Installing the Datasmith Exporter for 3ds Max

      Download the Exporter plugin installer from the Datasmith Export Plugins download page. The link " Datasmith Export Plugins download" is broken.


        When I follow the link to the MayaLiveLink plugin download page there is now plugin. Only cpp, cs files and a py file.
        Where can I get the maya plugin for maya 2018 and 2019?
        Click image for larger version

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        Lenny Gordon


          Composure page images are not broken for me. It could be a cache issue when it's happening. It could also be a temporary files on system issue, in which those links to the page images get broken somehow, or the temporary files have a bad reference from a particular browser / browser settings.

          Another thing I noticed, but not a big deal unless it's perceived to be I guess:
          "...or how a shot it set up."
          change "it" to "is" in the second paragraph at the top of the Composure page...
          There's a number of typos / grammar / spelling errors in the docs, and I usually know what is meant, but it may be a problem in browser-based translations or other cases.


            Jeff Wilson Can we somehow help with the progress of the dark themed documentation?


            • Jeff Wilson commented
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              Progress in terms of what? Is there something that isn't styled correctly?

            On the "Installing Visual Studio for UE4" page:

            Under "Visual Assist X Users, If you have Visual Assist X installed:"

            Turn off Format After Paste in Options > Advanced. The "Advanced" Menu within the VA options is gone now, and you will find it under Extensions > Visual Assist Options > Editor > Format After Paste.


            P.S. For quite a while now, IncrediBuild has been causing issues with Visual Assist DELETING your code, they are expected to fix this in the next version, but I believe we have already received a new version since they have said this. As longer compile times will turn new users to try IncrediBuild, it may be a good idea to recommend against downloading this extension for now.


              The Unreal documentation, in general, is very unevenly fleshed-out. I feel like 2/3rds of the pages I land on just have something like "An object class" as a description (in this case, that gem is from UClass), then just a bunch of lists of function names that you could also find by pressing TAB in your IDE. Its definitely better than nothing, but it is also a little frustrating


                This doc says that described feature is from Unreal 4.9 and is experimental. Is it outdated status?


                  This is specific feedback on the pages regarding Delegates, Dynamic Delegates, Multicast etc. etc. :

                  I think there might be a small issue with nomenclature here, unless I am really bad at understanding your text and/or your logic. If I'm not mistaken the documentation goes back and forth and uses the terms "delegate function" and "binding function" interchangeably. Or just to be more specific, I suspect that in a lot of cases where you want to say (and probably - no hopefully! - mean) "binding function" you instead say "delegate function" which is rather confusing. So a handful of suggestions:
                  1. Perhaps another read-through to make sure you are saying exactly what you mean to say and just make the language clearer?
                  2. Some visual schematics would definitely help and make things clearer for beginners. This is a dense topic! You are essentially trying to hack through encapsulation and abstraction with these things...
                  3. I suspect (like myself) that perhaps people have understood a little bit better the Blueprint equivalents: event dispathers etc. Perhaps a visual again compare and contrast type page that shows the equivalents of the two approaches might solidify learning?
                  Anyway, my humble opinion. Thank you!



                    I am not seeing the UnrealVS command. I am using VS2019 fresh install and I've followed the instructions listed above second, first I followed Maybe a miss/bug for the VS2019 extension?



                      9. For UpdateSightKey, add an Actor input called TargetActor.

                      This should read:
                      9. For UpdateTargetKey, add an Actor input called TargetActor.


                        It would be better if the document could include a link to download the example file


                          Hiya! New user here; I have a fair amount of experience with Unity, so something stood out to me in part of the docs comparing Unity and Unreal. It's in this page:

                          So in the section labeled "UE4 Blueprint Classes can be extended," there's a paragraph which says this:
                          In Unity, you would implement this by creating many different GameObject prefabs: one for Dragon, one for Grue, and so on. Now, say you want to add some new functionality to all monsters, such as the ability to speak using your new Speak Component. In Unity, you have to go and update all 10 prefabs to individually copy and paste the new functionality into it.
                          So... yes, this had been the only way to do things for a long time. But that's actually changed! Aside from being able to nest prefabs, it's also possible to make "Prefab Variants," which work pretty much as inheritance. I could create Monster prefab, and then make variants called Dragon, Grue, etc. A modification to Monster will trickle down into the rest of the monsters, as it would in Unreal. It's also possible to override settings coming from parent prefabs.

                          Now, I haven't worked with Unreal's blueprints yet, so I don't know how they compare. Unity's prefab overhaul has introduced some odd kinks into the system. (I've had some deeply nested prefabs for UI elements in Unity and it can get a little out-of-shape if I accidentally change the base prefabs from within the top-level prefabs.). I have no idea whether Unreal struggles with these same issues or if they've been solved.