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    There are many issues I am running into using the IOS documentation:
    1. You have to provision before you can do the Quick Start, this is not indicated anywhere.
    2. You have to PAY to perform any action in here since you need to be enrolled onto the developer program.
    3. Builds will fail, if you have any source code stuff, this includes "plugins"... This makes no sense, I have a plugin which makes blueprint nodes better but apparently this prevents building!? No where does the documentation state plugins should be disabled.
    There are also many mistakes, all the links to Apple Dev site do not work, the bundle name is invalid (you can't have just * as your app name), and many more issues I ran into.

    Is there somewhere I can edit the documentation or report specific issues? There are many little hints and warnings that could pevent people from wasting their money, as well as going down the wrong path. It has taken me hours trying to setup a project and I had to Google several blocking issues.
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      In the "Online Subsystem Steam" section of the Docs, under "Setting up the Steamworks SDK" for Mac, this file location doesn't exist:

      In UE4 version 4.22 and earlier: /YourUnrealEnginePath/EngineOrGameFolder/Binaries/Mac/



        Rather than 10 pages of explaining how a container works, perhaps you guys could focus on the unreal specific parts? Like how to populate an INI file to load a tmap from the config.


          Mac [ENGINE INSTALL LOCATION]\Engine\Binaries\Mac\
          This does not exist.


            Hi, I started reading the documentation and going through all the examples to better understand the breadth of what Unreal can do.

            This page:

            Has this config in the text "Scalar Parameter Fiber Strength 0.98" but the value in the image is .5. The .5 value shows the fibers underneath, but the .98 value hides them. Or I messed up the blueprint! Anyways, it's a cool feature :-)
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              Hi, I need to know the necessary specifications for an architecture application where I can visualize on a virtual reality lens like the Oculus Rift S


                When I fully widen the left panel it looks okay but after I hover over the text then it gets cut off. Click image for larger version  Name:	Annotation-20191013-004936.png Views:	1 Size:	75.2 KB ID:	1673463
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                  Thanks for the report. I’ll look into why that’s happening.


                And with all the new engine code using this we already have this information. What we dont have is any thing showing how to bind to these new events. Which you would expect to see on this page. But cant. Was not deemed important.

                Seems like not ever binding makes them useless..

                According to your documentation this should be fine:

                1> W:/MyFile.cpp(76,43): error : no matching member function for call to 'AddUObject'
                1> moviePlayer->OnMoviePlaybackFinished().AddUObject(this, &ThisClass::OnMovieFinished);

                But we see it is clearly not.
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                  Just wanted to let you know that the following page contains a typo.

                  Section: Camera Component
                  Paragraph no: 3
                  Typo: causesu -> causes (after second <strong>)


                    I have a problem, I enclose an image of an application for virtual reality of architecture, when I preview it, I get the error that I attached in the image
                    Does anyone know why it happens?
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                      The web page for constants is VERY laggy. I would suggest separating each alphabetized set of constants to their own page.

                      Here is a link to the URL (I went on again and it was just as laggy.) (Sorry for the late response.)
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                        Can you provide the URL of the page?

                      Creating a BTTaskNode needs the AIModule according got the documentation.
                      In my project I also needed the GameplayTasks module, if that is the case maybe we should update the required modules on the page?


                        for your service


                          Having problems with Live Video to HUD tutorial:
                          Running ver4.23. Unlike in Step 6 of the tutorial, and as covered beginning min 28 of the Media Framework 4.18 Preview training vid:

                          my video texture material not listed on the list of available assets. Am I doing something wrong? Or has this changed in 4.23?


                            Piece of text in White Theme is White - it is not readable.


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                              Thanks for the report. I’ll get that fixed up.