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    [LEARNING RESOURCES] Offline documentation

    So the offline CHM documentation broke in 4.16. We were told it was being worked on, then that it was fixed with 4.16.2. It wasn't, I made that point, but heard nothing more.

    It's still broken in the 4.17 previews. Now I dig a bit deeper and find this. Am I to understand then that it was 'fixed' by just deciding to not bother with it any more? And also to not bother to let anyone know this?

    I think this is the exact issue I was coming to check on - post with request. I am a new user of Unreal, attempting to learn the basics for possible inclusion in a couple of courses I teach at my University, as well as potentially become the basis for future courses. During summers I am not teaching - benefit of being a teacher, summers off, drawback of teaching, having summers off - so I have been working on this at my off-grid cabin (no internet access).

    The on-line documentation is terrible when viewed on my cell phone (not friendly as 80% of viewing area is covered by large blank square.) You tube videos are out of date if older than a few months.

    There really needs to be some form of documentation available (pdf file, anyone?) on your local computer. Seems odd we can download the complete source code, but not the manual on how to use it : )