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"Blueprint Multiplayer" Video Series is teaching a lot of wrong things

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    if there are so many issues with this tutorial, why are people still religiously promoting this?


      Sooo many people say this tutorial is wrong, but no one is set out to make tutorial that is correct and current


        Howdy folks -- We've developed a few new resources for multiplayer programming.
        • New Overview page. This contains a condensed rundown of how server-client gameplay works as well as guidelines about how to use all the different replication tools.
        • New Quick Start Guide. This is a walkthrough of how to create some simple network gameplay with the Third Person template, adding a projectile and damage.
        While the QuickStart is pretty modest in scope (it is supposed to be "quick"), both of these are written with input from our networking team regarding best practices from our own projects, and they should provide some much-requested insight into what replication method is most suitable and when, as well as what functionality in our templates already replicates. Updating the video tutorial series is on our radar after a few more documentation updates, but in the meantime, I hope these will be helpful.

        Edit: I will add that the QuickStart is focused on C++ rather than blueprints!
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