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Non-responsive/lagging editor when clicking in lower-right corner

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    Non-responsive/lagging editor when clicking in lower-right corner

    Hi! I'm having a very strange issue with the editor that I can only recall getting after updating to 4.13. Whenever I'm selecting, clicking og dragging things from the lower-right corner of my screen, in a box that covers approximately 5-10% of the screen, the editor starts to lag/freeze, and is unresponsive to any selection I make within that area. I can't drag some meshes into the scene or select stuff from the world outliner. Any help would be appreciated!

    Including a screenshot visualizing the affected area.
    EDIT: This is only happening in Unreal Editor, not in any other Win32 program.
    Click image for larger version

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    Try closing the Epic launcher, it uses too much resources though that might not be the issue--might as well try it though.