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Terrain painting with pen pressure?

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    I am very interested in stylus support, but for actual runtime (i.e. as an additional input mechanism during "play", even though it's not really a game). Dear PraxinosCoop members, when you write "but you can look at the implementation of it by downloading the source code of ILIAD", does this mean that the source code is supplied when buying your plugin, and can be used as a source of inspiration to add wintab/ink support into my own code?

    Thanks in advance.


      Hi !

      Our plugin is free, so you won't have to spend a dime (it's even among the "permanently free collection" now), and yes, sources of the plugin are included with the package. In the near future, we will also create a public repository on GitHub, so you can directly download the code from there and open issue tickets for bugs, ideas and requests.

      Plus, for your information, we're still working on the possibility to paint directly in the viewport :

      Feel free to join our Discord server if you want to chat with the dev team


        Has any progress been made on adding pressure support back into UE4? At least for the landscape and foliage rushes, but I imagine it could be applied in a number of others as well. Is there something Wacom could do to support this effort?