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Hybrid! Amd + nvidia dx12 ue4 editor [ future is here?]

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    [EDITOR] Hybrid! Amd + nvidia dx12 ue4 editor [ future is here?]

    HI! Everybody
    My name is ivan i'm a overclocker and now im'a nood game developer :3
    i have tried my indie project ( BehindTheDarkness with DX12 ( D3D12 in editor console) with Ue4 editor 4.13.1

    this is my project and i run with
    1 slot PCI express AMD r7 360 2GB DDr5 overclocked 1140mhz core
    2 slot PCI Express we have a GTX650 1 gddr5 overclocked

    in DX11 my project work with 42.10FPS ( 23.75ms ) nvidia Gpu clock work 324 mhz ( memory 162 mhz) not work
    Click image for larger version

Name:	dx12 unreal.JPG
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    inDX12 my project work with 54.31 FPS (18.24 ms ) nvidia Gpu clock work 540mhz ( memory 405MHZ ) someting work! ^^
    Click image for larger version

Name:	amd nvidia dx12.JPG
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    UE4 Developers could can implement the use in DX12 AMD and NVidia ( THANKS )
    This is my system

    AMD phenom X4 II 965 Overclocked 4.1Ghz
    Mainboard MSI 970A-G43 AM3+
    DDR3 4x3 kingston fury =12gb 1600mhz
    1 AMD R7 360 2GB GDDR5
    1 GTX 650 1 GBDDR5
    2 SSD kingston 120gb
    1 HDD500gb
    1liquid cooling cooler master seidon 120v
    LC8700II V2.3 HYPERION 700w Modular

    Click image for larger version

Name:	14599773_670034659825123_340580853_o.jpg
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    if UE4 developers optimize Multy GPU with DX12 It is a benefit for all developers
    multy GPU AMD+Nvidia hybrid crossfire
    amd gpu rendering + nvidia Gpu rendering and physic

    ----I am available to test experimental build---
    Contact me thanks
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    neat, but you do realize your viewports are showing 2 very different things right?
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      I know. nothing changes.
      in 1 image if i close the console and I put the camera in the same way
      i got 40.54FPS ( 24.97ms )
      I need a comment from professional people thanks.
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        Multi-GPU support is not likely to come to the editor, it's something you would have to implement into the game yourself based off the graphical features that you use.


          I need a Multi-GPU support in editor and i need to talk with someone important (Developers) thanks.
          never heard amd and nvidia work in parallel with DX12?
          have you never tried hybrid amd nvidia with physic game?
          singularity with DX12 support amd and Nvidia work together


            Multi-GPU support will never happen in the editor, it's not a simple switch that can be enabled. You have to set up how it will use the GPU's which is very complicated to do in an editor where every game project has different requirements for graphical features that they can't necessarily anticipate. It's a similar issue to why the editor doesn't have SLI or Crossfire support.


              i know it's not a simple switch that can be enabled.
              this is because unrealengine have developers.
              why not implement it?
              I know it is not easy to program..( i studied java and C+) and create and optimize Ue4 is most difficult things compared these basic language programming.
              but there are people paid to do it with knowledge.
              why not create an option: Setting>Multy-GPU? for the editor?
              many developers have single GPU configuration that costs a lot of money.
              not everyone has a expensive single GPU
              lots of people have a sli or crossfire
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                Like I said, for a game development tool it is not practical because of the different requirements of games that are being developed, if they put it in, they could end up with bottlenecks where it's making things worse or the improvement is minimal. It would not work as well as adding the feature to a completed game.

                Also, a single GPU is not any more expensive than multiple GPU's. It also wouldn't give as good results as getting a better single GPU.