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Block users that you don't want to see their posts?

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Block users that you don't want to see their posts?

    After an issue with slander against me I want to suggest a button here on epic games FORUM that can HIDE posts for a person you don't want to see or know they exist...
    I keep getting emails when certain people post replies that i don't want to see. please add a button for us to hide/block these unwanted guests from topics/all posts.
    so we don't know they even exist to us. this will stop any drama they can cause if we can stop them quoting us and end the email spam it creates. etc...

    i tried to use the ignore list but this is the issues i get while using it.
    it wont seem to show any users at all and says they are not found.
    and as you see it says that memberlist don't exist.

    [Removed Image]

    then after clicking memberslist link in the image.

    Click image for larger version

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    i think this feature is disabled. please re enable it thankyou!
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    Hello [MENTION=57417]frostic[/MENTION], I've sent in a feature request to get that fixed (sorry, web FR's don't have public tracking numbers for me to share). I wasn't aware it was even broken, thank you for your report!

    Edit: I have been informed it's located in the Ignore List:

    Update: The team is also looking into that page missing error and the ignore list issue.
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