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Random freeze since 4.13.0 in the editor

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    I have the exact same issue @ UE 4.14.3.
    ALT+Tabbing around when Unreal is open leads to random permanent freezes which totally shut down the editor instance. Most often (if not always) the Unreal Process seems to be stuck in a loop, because task manager always shows it at 15%+ cpu load while its frozen.
    Only solution is to kill it from taskmgr and restart.

    I do encounter these freezes multiple (5+) times a day, if I work with different programs and switch windows more often. It's not only a huge annoyance, but also a massive slowdown of every task in Unreal Editor.. this issue has to be fixed asap.


      Having the same freezes including with the new 4.15 update.
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        Got the same Problem with 4.15


          Having same problems. You Tab out of the editor and then it freezes. Using latest 4.15 Launcher Version
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            Hey guys, I had originally left this thread since it was looking like a potential driver issue, but if you are getting freezes and you think it's UE4 doing it, please report that as a bug to

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              Has anyone figured out a fix for this?? I'm having the exact same problem 3 years after this thread was started. I don't own Photoshop. The only apps I'm tabbing between are windows folders, chrome, and visual studio. It seems like a deadlock because no CPU is being used by UE4 editor when it happens and no amount of waiting ever brings it back - killing with taskmanager is the only solution.

              Surely after 3 years this would be fixed??!!