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Wishlist feature and suggestions for marketplace browser qol

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    [MARKETPLACE] Wishlist feature and suggestions for marketplace browser qol

    Hi, after browsing the marketplace for a short while i found myself wanting a wishlist feature
    would also be cool maybe to be able to link wishlist items to projects and see a budget report for cost and such to aid planning your project
    it doesnt need to be that fancy really or at least to start with but eventually should be able to organize the wishlist into categories or view it as one big list or per project if you have linked them to projects

    the other thing is the browser bar itself at the top of the page where it says ( <back and home categories ) and all that, i would like to make it a static object that doesn't scroll up with the page but remains stationary

    Yeah the wishlist has been requested for a long, long time. The marketplace is actually pretty clunky, not sure why Epic Games is so scared to fix a site that makes them money...

    -Josh Steinhauer ~ HERO ~ My Blog ~ My Twitter