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    [LEARNING RESOURCES] Lost middle in tutorial

    I am beginner in programming the game. That much I got ahead, I have found that the blueprint is for me to fit the programming mode.
    I am very dependent on tutorials. I appreciate very much that there are people who want to take their time and make a very high standard and professional tutorials eg. Right blueprint in the area.
    I have found the problem that a very high standard and the unreal dynamic programming environment improves sufficiently frequent upgrade cycles.
    The problem is that the tutorials are lagging behind in a couple of three versions and I like a beginner is hard work and takes a lot of time to look for similarities and solve the problems caused by differences in the behavior of the editor and the interchangeability of different solutions to the programming process.
    I have to ask for some kind of upgrade tutorials so that projects can be completed to get done and described in the form of the outcome of high-quality game engine

    Yours sincerely
    Antti Enkvist

    Hey [MENTION=351349]aenkku[/MENTION], can you tell me which tutorials you are finding that are not working anymore? Most tutorials are not updated between versions because there are no changes to the process, but if there are any that stopped working in 4.13, I can make sure those get looked at.
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      thank you, Blueprint tutorial endless runner. To all,when start launcher, be sure that start with administrator that You can copy/paste. I use windows 10 pro 64, free Unreal engine 4.12.5.