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trace SkeletonMesh's Texture Coordinates

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] trace SkeletonMesh's Texture Coordinates

    It seems that the ‘Find Collision UV’ function can't take out a SkeletonMesh's Texture Coordinates...
    and I don't want to modify the codes...
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    Well,Maybe I should modify the codes by myself.


      Normally when you trace against a SkeletalMesh you are actually tracing against its PhysicsAsset (simple shapes) which does not have UVs. Sadly there isn't a good way to derive deformed graphics mesh UVs from a hit location on the physics asset.
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        If the SkeletalMesh's Texture coordinates can be render into a rendertarget or GBuffer(use SceneCapture\SceneCaptureComponet),and the rendertarget or GBuffer is very small(just 1 pixel),and this render mode can be choosed in sence capture\cature source,Although it's not the best way,we can easy to trace SkeletalMesh's Texture coordinates.
        we also need hit result to find target SkeletalMesh\Mesh,and just render target SkeletalMesh\mesh's Texture coordinates.
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