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    A better C++ API would be awesome!
    Right now you can make a subclass of UParticleModule, but have to reimplement all of its methods. And even then you can only work within your module with the particles you get: no easy interaction with other modules, you can't spawn new particles, etc.

    Also, it would be cool if we had greater control over GPU particles, right now they cannot be updated after they spawned.
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      We need this:

      And after a tiny Nudge, Cultrarius made this:

      another great thing that should be in niagara


        Just thought of something (Thanks Shain)

        What if there is a global Initial/Size over life/Any scale actually module that scales all the initial size/over life/over time/any other value of the same module?
        So a "Global Initial Size" module would scale all the regular Initial Size Modules in the emitter.

        That be cash!


          I would like to have a parameter module, which can contain basic types like Rotator,Vector2, Vector3, Vector4,int, float etc.


            The two main features I would like to see are mask driven emission and surface attraction with friction, gravity, jitter....etc.


              Just realized something:
              Able to rotate location modules like sphere/cylinder.
              because I am lazy and dont want to do it in blueprints just for one effect thing thats part of a bigger effect