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Blueprint 'Image' Node to help document, present and prettyfy blueprints

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Blueprint 'Image' Node to help document, present and prettyfy blueprints

    Hi guys

    I've always wanted a way to be able to show an image (jpg/png) next to a group of nodes that describes the algorithm or bit of math going on. Also it would help to organize and layout blueprints by providing arrows, frames annotations etc to blueprints.

    That is all. Thank you kindly.
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    I think links to local (stored in project source) files would be much better. PDF, maybe HTML or some help file format etc.
    I totally agree that unreal needs some better ways for making comments in blueprints (and materials).


      We do have something called a Documentation node which enables you to display a bit of documentation as a node in a Blueprint graph. It references special files that use our internal documentation source format (a form of Markdown) and are stored in the Engine/Documentation/Shared directory. Ideally, we would make it more flexible to use a rich text block or reference an HTML file in your project or on the internet and use chromium to display it.

      Anyway, I like where your heads are at. We see the benefits of something like this too, especially for documenting sample projects we release. I'll see whether we can get those improvements made sometime soon-ish.
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        Doodles in the graph certainly sounds like an interesting idea..


          Yes, +1 from me.

          BP needs various way to add better comments / docs for future reference and for BP coders working in collaborative environment.