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Landscape procedural grass invisible in Top View.

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    Landscape procedural grass invisible in Top View.

    We need to export passes from UE4 to Foundry Nuke to make some VFX cinematics compositions.
    From de perspective view or cinematicCamera actor view there is no problem. The passes can be exported with the "Render Movie Tool"

    Click image for larger version

Name:	perps_ue4_render_passes.jpg
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    But, we need to track the points of the landscape procedural grass from the Top View (perpendicular to landscape)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	top_view_frame_buffers.jpg
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    1.¿Why there is no landscape procedural grass in the Top View?
    From the perspective view or the cinematic camera is there. But , from the Top View is invisible.

    2.From the Top View there is no way to see some Buffers (Normal, Depth, Ao, etc) in the view.

    3.We opened "High Resolution Screenshot" tool and selected "Include Buffer Visualization targets", clicked "Take an Screenshot" and all goes right. But then, opening the .exr image in nuke or photoshop, there is no information about the procedural grass.. empty.

    4.¿How to get a multipass .EXR in only one archive - all passes packed in one archive?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.d: landscape "foliage brush tool" works. But the "landscape grass type" not.
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    There is a new tool, in this case for Unity that can export OPENEXR multipass render from unity engine.
    I think this is a must for UnrealEngine to be focused in other areas, not only the games.