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    Yep, everything seems fixed. Thanks! =)

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      Yep, the online team resolved that one now. It was not related to the vbulletin 5 tests, but just general web changes.

      I want to make sure this won't be detrimental to anyone and it's easy to make changes early in the process. I know there is concern that we're making a major move like other forums have, but it's not a massive style change that will override old functionality. The only thing that would be removed is voting, which is to be replaced with "likes" which is almost exactly the same. I'll keep updating this thread and talking with everyone about potential issues to make sure they get addressed. Keep the feedback and requests coming!
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        Originally posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
        "-How can you be involved in game development with such mindset?!"

        --Hideo Kojima san
        Because I'm not going to waste time for something that is unnecessary. You're also talking about switching hundreds/thousands of users over to a new software, potentially losing their posts. For those people who use the forum for their development blogs, that's just ****. I understand the situation because web development is my job. I understand the work involved in switching it, and it isn't worth it.


          Well... People don't need games to live; media is unnecessary, entertainment is unnecessary.
          Music is unnecessary, art is unnecessary. The only thing you need to live is water and food.
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            Is there an update to make the UI look less like windows vista?
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