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Updating the "Getting Started with Unreal C++" thread

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    Updating the "Getting Started with Unreal C++" thread

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if you could consider updating this thread:
    The documentation seems to have changed since then (some of the listed links are also out of date e.g. the pickup c++ project has been updated and the one listed there is probably out of date?) and if it did not change significantly, an update might provide certainty, that the listed content is up to date. (but when I checked the documentation the first time since two months, it felt like some things were new)

    And I would also like to see external resources such as the ones that were shown in the twitch streams to be listed there as well (because I can't keep track of my unreal engine related bookmarks anymore D: )
    For example, this one:

    If this is something everyone would profit off, can we see an update?

    Thanks for the request. We will review the current list and see what needs to be updated.

    Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator


      Thanks for the recommendation, I've updated the thread and added a couple more useful links. If you ever want to see something specific in the lists, just let us know.
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        I sure will do

        One question. Are resources that are not Unreal Engine specific, but rather general "theory" on a subject, also relevant?