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Upcoming Push for dynamic GI after Neo & Scorpio Announcements?

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    The argument not working on dynamic GI because of performance issues is outdated as hell "by the way, i think they are no performance issues at all with the current console and PC hardware avaiable these days". Not working on dynamic GI ? But putting in so much effort in VR? Which barley any PC can handle... And beside of that, VR is like a non profitable game market so far.That makes no sense... The Hardware was even strong enough with the last generation of "graphics cards" to handle Dynamic GI. There has to be a different reason why EPic is not working on any dynamic GI solution so far... Actually before they start to work on dynamic GI they would need to fix the extremly bad performance for dynamic light in UE4.


      [MENTION=1227]Adik[/MENTION] Don't you touch VR!

      I agree with dynamic lights performance statement - they need to work fast in VR !


        lol heh... This is what I think of VR:

        It's always a familiar cycle...
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          I mean VR is a really cool thing no quesation about that... But you need a hell of a machine to get VR run well...
          Dynamic GI is a much easier task for current and especially last gen PC Hardware.... You dont need a GTX 1080 to run a game like Kindom Come which is using Dynamic GI.

          I'm also reading all the time in forums... Not everyone has a good PC... A good graphics card.... This is Bull**** Thats why we have game graphics options, if your PC cant handle a game... go lower with the settings.
          What are the best sold games ? Right, mostly all the Blockbuster triple A games... Are they known for bad graphics ? Not at all! You usually need a tough PC to play games like Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Division, GTA 5 etc... But players are still buying this games.. hmmm crazy world.
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            I could definitely use a dynamic GI solution too, that magically works with fully procedural levels