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Black Bar on Answerhub now coming up in Asian Characters by default?

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    Black Bar on Answerhub now coming up in Asian Characters by default?

    Only seems to happen on the Answerhub. I always have issues with AH but this is a fresh one.. For some reason if I'm logged out - The black bar at the top of the page comes up in either Chinese / Japanese by default.

    Also, still getting terrible load times on AH. I don't suppose we could just move to a stack-overflow style system could we It's so much more responsive and proven.

    Oh.. before I could post this, I'm now logged in and it's still doing it...

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi TheJamsh,

    This is a known issue that we are actively looking into. Unfortunately, I don't have a timeframe of when a fix will be implemented.
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      I thought I hit a wrong button somewhere haha.
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        I'm also getting that when I am working in the Wiki. FYI.

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