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    [FEATURE REQUEST] verification of given information

    Dear, Epic's developers and managers please give more detailed info in your tutorials and check old ones, read comments and try to answer.

    On official youtube channel there are no many questions on comments and some of them important.

    If you make tutorial and other stuff - need to give ingormation for current version, comments how it detailed work (bp for example, just put the text),
    you can also integrate more detailed help on hower mouse in UE.

    And other old tutorials please check and if they may not work in new version - give additional info!
    some tutorial not working - people give comments, but info that it's not working with official answer you can find somewhere on the forum.
    give a man for check this, need to be organized for working with community - this is a not only money , this is a future
    Igor, swamper, sole proprietorship