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Navlinks across non-adjacent nodes?

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Navlinks across non-adjacent nodes?

    Navlinks are great for simple jump/fall points, but they fall apart when the distance is too great.

    I've run into edge cases with jump-links when the jump happens to move OVER too much space (i.e. there's map underneath it) because the space covers too many Octree nodes... but the real cost is with teleports.

    Teleports that enemies can traverse seem basically MADE for navlinks but if the locations are too far apart, the link simply does not register and enemies don't know to traverse it. Seems like a pretty silly and arbitrary limitation.

    That doesn't sound like it's an intentional limitation. How are you setting the teleport links up? Using smart links?

    The best way to test if a link has been recognized by the nav system is by using the Navigation Testing Actor within the editor. It's next to impossible trying to debug this stuff in-game.


      Navlinks will draw a secondary arrow (using shownavigation) if set properly, I can easily see.

      If this isn't an intentional limitation it's an extremely long-standing bug, I'll say that. Navlinks can only be drawn across gaps in the navmesh if the distance covered is no greater than two adjacent navigation octree nodes.
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        Yeah you're right, I hadn't really used them until recently so never noticed.
        I can only guess it's an optimization imposed limit, perhaps the distance between endpoints has an exponential effect on the cost of pathfinding? Does seem like a rather inconvenient limitation though.

        Edit: Found this issue thread for recast/detour.
        So it's a limitation of recast, not UE4's integration of it. It also sounds from that like it's not really a limitation that there's a good reason for. Still, I'm not sure where Epic stand with regards to modifying recast, or if they even intend to stick with it long term.
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          The bug occured in the Links crossing two different RecastMesh Tiles. It's not a distance limit.
          Just increase Tile Size UU to a large value will resolve the problem.

          Click image for larger version

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