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Ethics and Epics collaboration with the military sector.

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    Hey all,

    We understand that there are a number of different opinions here, and while we welcome healthy debate here on the forums, we won't allow abuse or the berating of others here on the forums. Please keep the conversation professional and adhere to the rules, y'all!

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      Originally posted by NegInfinity View Post
      That's assignment operator, not equality comp.. err..
      ahh programmer humor ;D


        Originally posted by lunyBunny View Post
        And yourself? Could you don't be your own laboratory and company? You are a laboratory and a company. Certainly.
        If we are about to go down this philosophical road, well, i will defend myself and my kid anytime against everything. So, i am as much a soldier as a laboratory.

        The thing that bothers me is that it seems completely normal nowadays to have the military deeply intertwined with the (civilian) industry - and almost nobody seems to care. Why? Because we are so used to it already?
        Well, we are used to it. Actually since hundreds / thousands of years. 500 years ago a weaponsmith made things for farmers and "civilian" horses, as well as swords and shields. Military was always part of mankind, and will be in future. I just dont believe in a future like Star Trek where everyone on earth lives in peace

        And honestly: Why needs the military, with an annual multi-100-billion budget, to license a (semi open-source) game engine? They should have enough money and manpower to build one themselves.
        Yep, they could build it themselves, sinking a million or two. Its from the military budget anyways...oh, wait. Its actually the people's money that they pay through taxes.
        Using an existing engine is simply much more cost-efficient, and thats always a reason to not do it yourself (unless you just WANT to do it yourself).

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          Originally posted by NegInfinity View Post
          ...In that case it happens in your country but not in mine and your statement doesn't really apply to the rest of the world. I think there should be some options available in order to let your government know about your opinion, but I highly doubt that this is the right place for that kind of thing...

          I would suggest to end the discussion here. Everything that needed to be said, has been said, I guess.
          For me, this was a very interesting (and, in places, heated) discussion on a pretty unusual topic for a game engine forum. Glad so many joined.

          To be continued...?
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            Originally posted by vector3 View Post

            I would suggest to end the discussion here.
            Sure thing.

            Have a good day ^_^.


              War = eugenics; economic interests; expropriation, colonization and globalization.
              Kind of. But I would replace Eugenics with Genocide.
              Eugenics is controlling birth, and is not usually a reason for war.

              Also, Isn't is nice that we have an army to stop people from doing that?
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                Originally posted by NegInfinity View Post
                Umm, no.

                You might want to keep in mind that people outside of USA perceive the situation very differently. However, that's completely different discussion not suitable for this forum in general.

                In any case, there's nothing wrong in American company collaborating with American military.
                People can perceive whatever they want. Try and refute the actual statistics. There are less wars, and the wars are less costly.

                You have the same emotion-based argument when people complain about gun violence in the US, and yet the violence is at the lowest point since the 1980s.

                I prefer facts and logic, and both of those currently point towards the US providing a safer world.

                Note that I don't want the US acting as world police, as beneficial as that appears to be for world peace. I would be more than happy if the US maintained it's edge but stepped back and let China pick up the slack. Good luck with that.
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                  Originally posted by Zeustiak View Post
                  Try and refute the actual statistics.
                  link them

                  Originally posted by Zeustiak View Post
                  I prefer facts and logic, and both of those currently point towards the US providing a safer world.
                  according to what and safer for who?


                    it is interesting to see how an american citizen views americas place in the world.
                    i would think, however, the vast majority of humans alive today worldwide would disagree with their 'world police on a holy crusade' view, and some very strongly indeed.
                    no disrespect to anyone of course, just an observation.
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                      Originally posted by Zeustiak View Post
                      whatever you typed in google, type the opposite now.


                        Okay ... this thread seems to have run its course now and has turned in to a slinging match. I am closing this thread. I think everyone has made their points and I am not sure the last few posts have actually been worth it.

                        Thread closed ... should you wish to discuss politics and other stuff further ... I recommend you find a politics forum. Thanks.
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