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Option to Disable the Launcher Please

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Option to Disable the Launcher Please


    the launcher has always been an unnecessary pain and has been getting intolerably worse recently. i dont even use it for anything.
    in the past i would build from source and leave out the launcher, but now we have the source code in the normal ue4 there's no need to mess with guthub builds.

    Please for the love of sanity just add a tickbox somewhere that disables the automatic opening of the launcher.

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    Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win64
    delete launcher exe or, as i do it, create new folder, any name, and move launcher exe file to newly created folder, you can move it back if needed

    i know this stupid, but...


      With each engine update / install it'll return from the dead though....

      And there's a long long chain of updates still to come in the future of UE4.

      So I'm with Tegleg on this... Epic, please offer an option to limit the launcher. Even if its only spawned once a day that'd be fine.

      The launcher is useful for browsing packs & learning resources while you wait for something to load / build / save etc, as long as it doesn't get in the way....

      But when UE4 is crashing a lot or when you're working in multiple editor sessions the launcher is intolerable as it dogs your system!

      What's it doing anyway? Even running in the background with Wi-Fi turned off it gobbles clock cycles!!!!
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        Yes, and while youre at it, please make the directories editable, so i can choose different locations for e.g. UT and dont have to install it in the same Drive/folder as Unreal Editor.


          F1. One can already launch the launcher in a couple of ways like double clicking it on the desktop or even in UE4 to gain access to the marketplace. I don't really see the need to launch the launcher when clicking on the project file and then having it pop up again each time, sorry to say, UE4 crashes.
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            Yeah, that the launcher keeps pretending it's Bill Gates and full of self importance to pop itself up over a project you just opened, is getting annoying.
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