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    [COMMUNITY] ARK/Modding forum area

    I tend to look at the 'New Posts' area of the forum, and can't help but notice that a large portion of the posts are questions specifically for ARK Modding, and I just don't see a point in them being mixed in with other posts. There is also a sub-forum category 'Support', which I find to be a misleading name, as I don't know that it has anything to do with ARK until I click on the post and see that it is a question related to landing a dinosaur in a certain radius. I feel that these posts shouldn't be mixed in with the 'New Posts' area, and that the support sub-forum should have some sort of ARK prefix, so that we don't think that it is for UE4 support when sorting through the questions. It looks like 10-25% of the questions are for ARK Modding & Support.
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    I remember a thread like this:

    I hope Epic makes a way for ARK to have its own forum entirely.
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