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    [COMMUNITY] Sub Threads/Forums for 'Got skills? Looking For Talent?'


    I often look at what skills people have to offer in the 'Got Skills? Looking For Talent?' thread and I see a mixture of negative (and Positive) things. Due to people with very big ambitions, unrealistic expectations etc.. And I think its because that forum section needs to be divided.

    You have people in their looking for serious work but that section of the forum is getting known for (I quote) 'Idea guys'. I think there should be sub sections to this part of the forum to separate our idealists and the studios/people starting to look for serious work. Here is what I propose.

    The 'Got Skills? Looking For Talent?' gets divided to 4 categories. Maybe 3 if you count 'Looking to Start/Join a team' as 'Unpaid'.

    1.) Looking to Start/Join a team?
    2.) Unpaid
    3.) Royalty
    4.) Paid

    I believe it's hard for people to try and find work in there as the users thread may get washed away in a couple of hours from other users posting to start new teams etc.. (which there is nothing wrong with).

    This is not to separate the community in any way. As an example its just to say right I know when I post in Unpaid I'm confident more users interested will see my thread as it is not in competition for 1st page with the Royalty threads.

    The drawback to this..

    It will need some Forum Moderator work to move existing threads into the corresponding sub forums.

    Please post your thoughts. Maybe its not necessary.

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we've been planning on doing, but just haven't got to yet. Will see if we can make it happen!

    Take care
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      Great idea, hope it happens.
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        Great minds think a like and all that. Hopefully it will stop a lot of the negative posts on peoples threads as the users all wanting different things won't all be found in the same place.

        If I can be assistance at all let me know. Don't mind leg work.


          Agreed, I personally only go for paid work, so it would really save some time, hoping to see this implemented!
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