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Blueprint: No searchfield for components, no reordering possible

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    [FEATURE REQUEST] Blueprint: No searchfield for components, no reordering possible

    Hi there,

    I work with very complex blueprints which can have more than 100 individual components. I spend very much time just to search a specific one of them. If I enter the name of the component in the searchfield it is listed as a hit, but if I select it, I cannot edit any details (that seems only possible when selecting it in the components tab).

    It seems also not possible to change the order of the components nor are they sorted alphabetically. The list does also not scroll when I try to drag objects beyond the vertical limit of the list (up or down).

    function ordering would be great, at least automat alphabetical ordering.


      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your requests. I have added several feature requests to be taken into consideration by the development staff:

      UE-20744, UE-20745, UE-20746
      Adam Davis | Marketplace Support | Epic Games
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        These are all still unresolved or even backlogged... It's been two years.


        these, plus adding the possibility to reorder them manually, like you can do with variables, would be very welcome.

        maybe with an editor preference if you want to reorder alphabetically or manually.

        So that's two more small ux feature requests that can be tackled all at once i guess.