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Non-PBR Content on Marketplace is wasting my money!

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    imo the low poly stuff and/or non-PBR i just want it well writen in the description what the pack contains.


      Even with pbr mat. People rarely buy anyway.


        I would suggest some quality review process by epic before anything goes on the marketplace. I have bought a few things too that were falsely described and I thought, well, lets just hope I'm lucky. This shouldn't be the case. The reviews help sometimes but frankly they only help because somebody has wasted his money already and was good enough to warn the rest of us.


          Guys, you bumped a 3 year old thread without adding much to the conversation.

          The market is in a very different place than it was 3 years ago, create a new thread if there's something you need to discuss.


            Hello All - Apart from the Content (UnReal is my first Graphics Engine) - I find there is a lack of Documentation (a few pictures of how Nodes connect) isn't up my level of programming.
            The Engine is Great (that's obvious) however the Lack of Information on What Nodes do (Not including Plug-ins that I purchased).
            With such a Low community support - This Engine will not cut it for making a full program (and I was starting with a Simple Rest Server Data) - Even the Json and Http packages are difficult to use.

            I will use the Unreal for ScreenShots and Nice Renders. Scripting and Programming are beyond my ability in this Engine.


              Originally posted by vincentslee View Post
              Even with pbr mat. People rarely buy anyway.
              Stop bumping such old threads...

              Your experience with marketplace might be like that, but it is not a true representative what happens with others. There are people that live from the money they make out of the marketplace.
              These same people are active in the community, contribute answering questions with their years of knowledge, contribute testing new engine previews, contribute even at the source code level within different areas, this means in the end: they care for the engine because they rely on it.

              Giving poor comments regarding the engine is a diservice for yourself and for the others.
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