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How do i deal with Output Log's messages about blueprint nodes ?

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    How do i deal with Output Log's messages about blueprint nodes ?

    I get these kind of messages:

    LogBlueprint:Warning: FMemberReference::ResolveMember (SetActorRotation) bSelfContext == true, but no scope supplied!
    First, it doesn't tell me where the problem is, so i need to start guessing. What if i have a lot of blueprints with SetRotation funciton it it, do i have to give a different name to each function because the log can't say what blueprint it's talking about?
    Second, i find the function, which works, and i don't know what the hell this message even means, bSelfContext == true, but no scope supplied ? what?...

    Edit: It seems like it was already reported as a bug in 4.7.1 and happens only for level blueprints, so we are in 4.7.6 and no fix yet?... :|

    I find it very hard to use the log that way.
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    A bit late perhaps, but I came across a similar message myself (and saw your question looking for answers).

    What solved it for me is migrating the involved BP's to another (fresh, temporary) project, saving them there, and migrating them back to the main project.

    Another symptom I saw was that it was not possible to re-name or save copies of the problematic BP's. Trying to do that I got this message:

    Click image for larger version

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    This problem also went away when doing the back-and-forth migration.

    Other methods (like I found ) did not do anything for me.

    Hope this helps someone!