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Feature Request/Fix - The World Outliner and Object Deactivation

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    Feature Request/Fix - The World Outliner and Object Deactivation

    I switched over to UE4 a week before it became free, I was very glad with the switch!

    I recently noticed other people requesting stuff....and actually getting answers by the developers....this didn't happen much in Unity. So rather than just ignoring it I would like to post some improvements to the UE4 Editor. One at a time.

    The World Outliner

    Part1A. General Activation Toggling

    In Unity we have a Hierarchy system approach to organize files. The Organisation system is good, The "Create a New Folder" button is a great way to organize things just like in Unity where an Empty game object was responsible for this and child objects could be parented for Organization.

    My Problem is actually connected to a larger problem which could make performance optimization and prototyping much easier, In Unity all one has to do is select the parent Object and click deactivate and in Unreal Engine Terms this toggles the "Visibility" Option located within the Renderer tab.

    Their was already a post in the answerhubs asking for this.

    As the question suggests the group folder is for organization, perhaps a mode for activation would be a good addition for further organization.

    An actual example of use via blueprint as well would be (since the object already exists within the world but is hidden) I can call for its activation and
    it pops up.

    I would like to request that since pressing the Eye Icon is technically a useless feature in and of itself to change its function to deactivating the object completely - not just its rendering but as if its not there. I heard deactivating the rendering is not truly deactivating the object as other things such as physics don't get deactivated.

    Further more I can't go and select all the objects and deactivate them individually because aside from being tedious I have to scroll wheel down in the list to find the render tab for each one. It can get time consuming as pressing the hide icon in its current state only hides it within the viewport.

    Maybe it would be better to move the Visibility setting permanently to the Eye Icon and move the "Allow Actor hidden in game" option to the Actor tab below (that's where it should be in my opinion).

    Part1B. Advanced Activation Toggling

    The Biggest issue I had had when importing characters is while their is a button to import the nested meshes I could not find info on how to deactivate them in general while playing the game. This is because of what was mentioned above.

    I would like for example an in-game trigger such as a collision box or more realistically a button which if pressed would deactivate a mesh/nested mesh or nested bone/misc object such as a camera from 3ds max that happens to be in the hierarchy etc since all the objects should be listed in the worldoutliner.

    In this example we can assume that my character has 5 different faces.
    All the faces are rigged to the same bones for optimization and all respond to the same animation.

    By pressing anyone of the 5 buttons within the game the corresponding mesh would reactivate/deactivate accordingly.

    The Option given to import nested meshes should actually be changed because I use many things to animate my characters aside from bones.
    I get cameras imported, objects imported and bones imported too which still appear in the viewport and in game but their seems to be no way to change their visibility once imported. Seems like I have no way to access sub-objects to disable them actually.

    This Deactivation button is a big game changer, I can import my mesh and once its within the WorldOutliner I can manually look into its Heierarchy right there (currently not available) and manually deactivate anything at my leisure.

    If further examples are needed I can give them.

    Hi SilverNeon,

    I have put in your suggestions as two Feature Requests for future engine implementation. Should you need to refer to these in the future, for tracking purposes their JIRAs are UE-14098 and UE14100. Good luck!


      Thanks very much! What is your personal opinion on these features and was their anything you weren't entirely sure about my post?

      And also how do I use these JIRAS?
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