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[Idea/Likely a bug] Installing DirectX?

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    [Idea/Likely a bug] Installing DirectX?

    When i first had installed the Unreal Engine 4, installed DirectX for me, and i'm Windows 8, Windows 8 doesn't need DirectX, it is already installed.
    Here is the picture in the installer.
    Click image for larger version

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    You know.. they should make an anti-detector in the installer to check if the computer haves the right version for the program?
    Yeah.. so.

    I can remember the times DirectX had DLL's which had the same version in the file info, but where in fact different versions!(it was DX 9 if I remember correctly).

    I think thats why DirectX is always installed with games and tools, no matter which version is installed. Even Steam is doing this...
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      Maybe unreal engine 4 / Epic games launcher will be special by having this thing?