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Error: RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully. Cannot build.

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    Possible Solution to fix the problem

    I think i have possible solutions for runAUT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool could not run successfuly.
    If you have these types of problem = Cant package it on android etc..
    - Please check your SDKs in Visual Studio 2013/2015 because some SDK's you installed are somehow wrong platforms for your game
    - If you look closely at the runAUT.bat batch codes or Automation Tools.exe they give the same errors but why?
    -- maybe it is the cause of missing important files?
    -- maybe the Batch codes are miswritten for some reason.
    For Questions like "Failed to Package level" etc..
    - Make sure you check your BP widgets and Codes for it
    - Goto Visual Studio 2013 and right click the Assets / map to Build (if that is possible) or change development editor to development.
    - Goto settings>projectsettings>maps&modes and check that you are actually missing something there and it might the cause of server fail.
    - You can maybe delete the file called "Substance plugin" and it will fix the problem just goto Epic games launcher > UE4 > Library > Installed Plugins > Substance Plugin right click that and click delete.
    - You can try disable some SDK's which can be a wrong platform for your game!

    Thats all i can do for you. Showing log is not helpful for me


      My problem solved !
      Yesterday I install the Substance texture plugin for UE4.10,and this morning I have the problem of "RunUAT.bat Error".Then I close the Substance plugin (Go to the "Edit/Plugins" to uncheck it) And SOLVE the error!
      I'm not sure you guys also have the same cause,but for me it works.