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    if i understarnd right (my bad english) the rocks and others meshes was building from photos with app for photoscanning right? what application?
    pd: excuse my english.

    lfw/paid modeling, painting, texturing.



      Originally posted by ChrisTm View Post
      i think that titan X 12go is relatively recent, probably with bad driver as Nvidia know making for every new card .. Wait and see better optimized driver.
      11.5Gb dont you mean haha
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        Originally posted by GavinM View Post
        Originally posted by benjamin.smith View Post
        I would love to see a detailed write-up of the entire process on the forums, blog and/or wiki, including a breakdown of price/availability of all the gear you used to accomplish such results

        Potentially this could happen. I was going through my files on my computer to reclaim some space on my HD when this was done and within the main folder I have over 7000 files. This includes everything from the initial pitch, through various storyboard iterations, musical inspiration, character design and notes on everything to do with the production of the cinematic part of the demo. It'll take a while to organize and put it into a document which clearly breaks down the parts of the process that I had anything to do with but it may be worth doing while its all still fresh.
        That would be brilliant

        Perhaps even a PDF Breakdown document would be a good resource to have? With that being said, will the PowerPoint slides from GDC be uploaded to Unreal Resources any time soon?

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          Was there any music track in mind during creation that the creators dreamed of using but knew they couldn't get the rights / Didn't get the rights in the end to use?


          Also, I said this during the stream but I'll say it again: I think I understand the story of the mini-movie and I think everyone else is wrong. I actually think the boy wants his kite so bad that he climbs into a cave and the bit at the end with all the kites is actually some kind of hallucination. In reality, He never got his kite and was super-angry. Then, for some reason, He was stuck in the cave and slowly morphed into the creature from the Elemental demo. I'm sure if you looked super-close in the distance of the Elemental demo, You might see a kite. Then the boy, Now a giant lava warrior, Gets up from the throne keeping him captive and went after that darn kite!

          But... Epic's description of the story is better :P Yeah... That kite totally represents "Unreal Engine 4"... 8] /conspiracy
          "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


            Originally posted by GavinM View Post
            We hired and motion-captured a child for a lot of the motion just after the New Year. We used this to layout in the engine, modifying as necessary to make it work in the cut. It was laid out to storyboards that I had created late last year.

            We baked out the scenes as they were (messy, choppy and nasty as all Hell) and gave them to the animators who threw away whatever they wanted or cleaned up what they wanted depending on the situation. For example, when the kid runs across the rocks that is mocap that has been stylized to improve arcs and spacing as well as push the bounding quality of his movement BUT the 3 shots afterwards had the mocap binned and were hand animated.

            We did what we could till the final rig was ready and then with about 2 1/2 weeks to go we started on the facial animation. The cut changed a bit during the production of this so some shots got longer but most they got shorter till we felt we had a cut that we were happy with.

            At that point it was a sprint to the last day which was EOD Thursday before the GDC demo. 7 weeks production in all.
            Thank you for the note and really great work , I have not seen any break between Mocap & hand animated.
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              Would be really interested to know more about the Albedo Recovery process. The De-Shadow mapping technique looks really interesting. Any potential write ups about this?

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                Originally posted by DotCam View Post
                There is a huge difference between a tech demo and a game, and this tech demo was going for max quality at max distance. Every rock and tree was 3d photoscanned to create both the meshes and the high res textures, which is something that has not really been used in any realtime game with dynamic lighting so far. Some other features that contribute to performance are:

                - DFAO
                - Dynamic GI using Heightfields (coming in 4.8)
                - Ray-Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows (4.8)
                - the new 2 sided foliage shader (4.7)
                - A new kind of motion blur (4.8)
                - SSR for translucency (4.8)

                And possibly even more we aren't already aware of. The Dynamic GI alone is likely the single most performance hungry feature in the demo.

                On top of all that this demo was meant to push the hardware to the max, meaning there are likely quite a few performance optimizations that could be used but weren't since the frame rate was within their target FPS for the demo.

                Until we get our hands on the project it will be difficult to know what was done and why, and how it can be improved. I personally have no doubt they will release the demo with performance optimizations. After all there is only one person with a Titan X so far, I highly doubt it will be required to use the demo.

                Technical demo != game

                hopefully the upcoming 4.8 version will be optimized as much as possible for lower configurations , not everyone has a titan X .


                  I don't know how close the tech-demo is to a real application, but I doubt that you would need a world as huge as the one in the Kite Demo and especially with that kind of detail.
                  My guess is that most of the features will be optimized (I mean, they weren't implemented for the Demo solely), but the Kite Demo will only run on very high end rigs despite the optimizations.
                  I do hope that most of the features will be "game-ready" (yeah, I have no other idea how to label it); DFAO alone is fairly performance hungry and has a few major limitations.

                  I'm still waiting for someone to ask when this is coming to mobile, so I have something to laugh about...hehe


                    ... So when's it come to Mobile?
                    "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"


                      Originally posted by Defaultsound View Post
                      Would be really interested to know more about the Albedo Recovery process. The De-Shadow mapping technique looks really interesting. Any potential write ups about this?
                      I'm really interested in that process too, the delighting tool looked fantastic. I've been using Agi PhotoScan to capture assets, and something to help with the albedo creation from the photo scanned textures would be great


                        The complete UE4 Kite demo is coming along with 4.8. We might be able to release some of the content from the demo sooner. Stay tuned for news.
                        Yes! We will get it!

                        The foliage/grass system seems ultra powerful. Frostbite just got his first competitor in this area! When DICE published how they handled the vegetation (depending on the landscape layers and blendings it will populate the world with some kind of assets or another ones, even modifying the size and color, all done procedurally) I've been asking myself why no big released to the public engine has done this yet. I mean cmon... alborz mountains are in terms of vegetation and materials one if the best game ready maps ever created!


                          And isn't it just amazing. Little men, just getting it. No 6 or 7 digits upfront payment...


                            I can't wait to tear into this map.


                              Thank you Epic for Youtube Video !

                              I am watching Large Open-World Kid Kite Demo :

                              But No , no , no , not it ! you killed my dream ,
                              please, Epic , stop wtih the fake smoke "volumetric " :

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