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  • Originally posted by Unrealop View Post
    Sorry for necro-ing old (not really, evergreen) thread. Before it would take several days to load marketplace for me. I downloaded, Open world demo collection, I only got some assets. So actual Open world map ain't available now? or I downloaded collection version, there's another full version.

    Also wondering, if those deer, birds and if other animals are there, are they available with AI?
    Originally posted by rotwang View Post
    [MENTION=335168]Unrealop[/MENTION] I'm mostly on Mac or weak PC and also would like to know if the kid and animals are included. Can anybody please confirm?
    It's been a while since I opened that project, but yes everything you see in the video is contained within the project.

    You want to download the "A Boy and His Kite" from the Learn Tab -> Engine Feature Samples section. This is the complete demo with landscape, deer, the boy, and kite's.
    Be warned that this is a very performance heavy project if you stream in all of the levels at once (takes around 20gb of ram to load it all in), so if your PC isn't so great, don't enable the other levels in the viewport. I get around 50fps with an i5 4670k, GTX 980, 24gb ram.

    The "Open World Demo Collection" only contains some of the assets used, it's a smaller download sample pack basically.
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