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    Hi UE4 people

    As a solo artist doing a bit of game creation in the spare time, my UE4 level is light-years away from most of the other users.
    As i am sure im not the only one with this problem, would it be an idea to make a subforum for the common newbie-questions that arrive from time to time.
    It would make it easier to search, while creating a better focus for people to ask and to help with questions in their level of desire?

    I merely suggest it, because i have written a few posts, and they get plenty of views, but not so many answers, and i'm sure that most people who read them can solve the problem with their hands on their back.
    The people that are kind enough to help, make the underlysing assumption that i am familiar with day to day lingo, and have all the basics under the skin.
    Although i have spent days several watching tutorials, and reading up on articles, i still miss out on the help because i unly understand half of what is written.
    Therefore on a newbie forum, people will know to write on a more basic level.

    The gain for you, would possibly be that you have an easier time converting new people into using UE4, and lose less of those who hit the barrier, since there is a subforum dedicated to these people.

    Kind regards

    Some people read but don't respond because they don't know the answer well enough, so it may be that your questions aren't newbie questions.

    On the other hand, sometimes newbies ask very general questions, like how to model things--and that usually can't get a response because there's too much to say. My best advice is to do as much searching as possible, if it's truly a newbie question, then it's been answered.


      Hi Fjordhoj,

      Personally, I think this would segregate the community more so. The forums is broken up into the most common areas at the moment to make it easier to navigate and pick one that maybe piques your interest a little more than the others. Adding another area to ask questions isn't always the best option as questions that may not be "newbie" like will still get posted there. Also, at what point do your questions not necessarily feel "noob" like anymore? The best solution is to post in the forums section that best fits your question.

      With regards to getting answers or suggestions, if you're not seeing any hits within a few days I'd say give the thread a bump, but definitely don't abuse this as it can become annoying to see a thread bumped every couple of hours or daily. If the suggestions are no what you're looking for or there haven't been any try rewording or explaining your issue with screenshots or drawings. Sometimes it's more helpful to get a point across with a visual representation or what you're wanting to achieve. We can't all read minds, and the ones of us who can sometimes wish we couldn't.

      If you're trying to search for something but aren't turning up any results with a single AnswerHub or Forum search my suggestion is to use the power of the Documentation search. By using you can search no only documentation, but the forums, AnswerHub, the API, Wiki, etc in one fell swoop. I use this search on a very regular basis and if I'm not finding what I want I start using different search words and terms that may be related.

      Looking through your recent posts, it looks like our moderators have offered some suggestions or asked how you've set things up. I didn't see any responses back on some of them though.

      We're all glad to help and sometimes it may take a couple of days to get a response.
      Tim Hobson | Learning Resources | Epic Games
      UE4 Documentation