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[Feature request] Reparenting BPs in editor

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    [Feature request] Reparenting BPs in editor

    * In C++ you can easily change the class hierarchy before you recompile each time.
    * There is no reason, to me, why this shouldn't be possible for Blueprints (the BP properties change while the editor is running anyway)

    1) Let's say I have a Blueprint called BP_Gun. I've previously added BP_UsableActor, which it derives from, with inherited properties.
    2) Having implemented an arrow shoot function, I want to generalize a property called IsAmmoManualLoad, but I don't want this on BP_Gun.
    2b) However I also want to retain any BP_Gun properties for a BP_Bow.
    3) I've added other child-Blueprints of BP_Gun, spending time on this, but willing to use a slow recompile method.
    4) I want to re-structure the entire Blueprint hierarchy (early prototyping phase) to have BP_Bow inherit from a separate BP_Weapon in-between.
    5a) The parenting structure of BPs would change from:
    BP_Revolver -> BP_Gun -> BP_UsableActor
    BP_Bow -> BP_Gun -> BP_UsableActor
    BP_Shotgun -> BP_Gun -> BP_UsableActor
    5b) To:
    BP_Revolver -> BP_Gun -> BP_Weapon -> BP_UsableActor
    BP_Bow -> BP_Gun -> BP_Weapon -> BP_UsableActor
    BP_Shotgun -> BP_Gun -> BP_Weapon -> BP_UsableActor

    Proposed solution:
    * Add code to enable reparenting BPs in the editor, with the caveat of a full recompile of that BP's children BPs (slow).
    * The UI implementation can be a combo box/dropdown where the BP parent is currently shown.

    Devil's Advocate and other considerations:
    * I could just use tags, but this is restricted to the level's actors themselves, not dynamically generated actors i.e. not (BPs) at the static level.
    * I could add extra data in C++, but 1) I want the flexibility and 2) for more complex examples I will still need this solution anyway.
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    Hi xXxFishAndChipsxXx,

    You can already reparent Blueprints in the Blueprint editor, using either of the following methods:
    • File..Reparent Blueprint menu option
    • Click on "Blueprint Props" (4.6 and earlier) or "Class Settings" (4.7 and above) on the toolbar and using the Parent Class drop down in the details panel.

    Michael Noland


      Okay, thanks. Seems to do what I need.