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[Docs] Gameplay Framework missing content

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    [Docs] Gameplay Framework missing content


    The AGameMode class defines the game being played, and enforces the game rules. Some of the default functionality in AGameMode includes: Missing?

    Any new functions or variables that set game rules should be added in a subclass of the AGameMode class. Anything from what inventory items a player starts with or how many lives are available to time limits and the score needed to end the game belongs to GameMode. A subclass of the AGameMode class may be created for each gametype the game should include. A game may have any number of gametypes, and thus subclasses of the AGameMode class; however, only one gametype may be in use at any given time. A GameMode Actor is instantiated each time a level is initialized for play via the UGameEngine::LoadMap() function. The gametype this Actor defines will be used for the duration of the level.

    It would appear there is some missing content there. We may be overhauling all of these pages in the near future anyway so the missing content might become irrelevant, but I will make sure it gets added if that isn't the case.

    Thanks for pointing this out!
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