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(VIDEO) UE4's Geometry Mode is inadequate when compared with that of Quake 1

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    Sure, again I don't care if it's bsp or mesh if ultimately quicker cleaner geometry creation is achieved.
    I don't care so much for the "ancient" argument though to not use BSP. It's purely about functionality; if it works, it works. If it works quicker, then that's what I'll use.
    Drawcalls/performance is a non-issue for BSP nowadays (especially since it's purely for blocking out primitive shapes in primitive scenes and not for the final product).

    Do static meshes have these capabilities? Because if so, I'd drop BSP in a heart beat:
    • non-destructive booleans (i.e. testing window shapes, doors, tunnels, rooms cut into a block building)
    • deformation (i.e. testing the building silhouette, welding a cube into a pyramid, cutting the building in half)
    • quick specific shapes (i.e. checking if an archway ruins the composition of a setting)
    It's really useful when you dont need to constantly swap into a modeling program + export out a new FBX for every idea you want to test.
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