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I want Feedback from Epic about Mono for Unreal Engine

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    So, remember, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, so let's just redirect creativity into other threads.
    The community is growing each day bringing new talents, perhaps this will bring some people making C#wrappers to use with VS 2013.


      Even though I like C# in Unity and am having a hard time with C++ myself, I'd still rather see Epic not waste any time on this. Improving Edtor stabilty should be their top priority. During the Game Jam this weekend, I wasnt able to move any files arround the editor, or deleting stuff, without the editor crashing. It worked better, when I disabled Source Code Integration, but still not 100% fine. People just need to learn to embrace Blueprints, We made our Jam Game entirely with BP and it worked out pretty great!
      July's GameJam Entry:


        Hi there again,

        Xamarin is now fully open source, any updates Tim ?


          Originally posted by matmuze View Post
          Hi there,

          I posted a few posts here and there without success so I decided to start a new thread...

          As many of you already know Xamarin have been trying to bring C# to Unreal Engine via Mono, by exposing the Blueprint-exposed Unreal C++ code to C# (

          Unlike the various attempts already made by the community to provide scripting capabilities this is a very serious project which also offers a lot of potential -- especially since the decision from Microsoft to open-source the .NET framework and to cooperate with the actors of the .NET foundation (including Xamarin) in order to democratize the use of .NET as a multi-platform development framework.

          As far as I know from reading the mailing-list of this project, the development stage is still experimental and is rather a proof-of-concept in order to convince the open-source community to contribute to it.

          More than anything I would like to hear any comment from Epic about this...

          Are you planning to support this project accordingly to its potential ? And if not, could you debate your decision ?

          We all know that if Unity still exists it is because many developers are not willing to leave their C# comfort zone -- C++ is really a no-go for many of us...

          At least, I would really like to see this feature added to the roadmap in order to expose it to a community vote, I'm sure you'll be surprised to see how many of us badly wish to script UE4 in C#.

          Regards, mat.

          PS: Please for those that are not from Epic, do not start a debate C++ vs C# here, this is not what this thread is about.
          i know C# and c++ i like c++ more but i stay with unity no because C# but because is easy to develop.
          normally unity users know more than c# and C++ cause we have been in game dev for a long time not like unreal users that are just cod gamer that try to make another cod.
          yes there are some unity dev in unreal but just because if you make a game with unreal everyone (edit: people like caner_ozdemir) is like wow this is nextgen(next gen cod XD).
          c++ is really similar to c# so c# is not the problem.
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            Thank for the C# bashing, it's helping a lot.

            I honestly could not care less if you don't want C# in UE, other people do.
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              Originally posted by matmuze View Post
              Thank for the C# bashing, it's helping a lot.

              I honestly could not care less if you don't want C# in UE, other people do.
              This isn't about whether or not people want it, it's about whether or not it makes a lick of difference. There are a number of people asking Epic to devote time to what amounts towards a useless endeavor. The C# would look almost no different than C++ in Unreal. The C++ in unreal is not straight C++. There are so many helper functions and macros, that it is essentially a scripting language. A direct wrapper for C# is not going to make it Unity.

              I can get behind a scripting language like Skookum (if it ever becomes more user friendly), but asking Epic to devote resources toward this is crazy when the editor itself is not even stable. Especially since it won't make a large enough difference to matter.


                Very interesting how this discussion turned out I will add my two cents, since I believe that we should encourage a different mentality than it was shown here.

                I have been using C/C++ for a long time now and due to my work I started using C# a while back. At my workplace, we have been using the many tools out there you can combine with C# and Visual studio (e.g. resharper) or libraries that come with it (e.g. entity framework) - this speeds up and simplifies many development steps remarkably lot. . C++ is much more tedious than C# is and quite bloated through all those changes and revisions. But every now and then when I write code, I feel like it would be much easier in C++. This is almost always the case when I care about performance or want to code closer to the hardware.

                So while I favor both languages and would be quite happy if UE supports them both, I still think that the very discussion of this leads nowhere anymore. But even then, we have a group of people here who would like to code in C# and they should still be allowed to post a request in the forum the same way everyone else is allowed to request features they would like to see. But the way this unfold months ago, the thread was trashed and users nearly tried to defame the poster and very idea as if they wanted to kill its appeal.
                The pros and contras regarding the programming languages were listed quite detailed, so at least I will not make the mistake to repeat anything. But matmuze should nevertheless be allowed to try to appeal to the epic team.

                [MENTION=23522]matmuze[/MENTION]: I agree with you that it is easier to use C# and that it may lead to more productivity.
                But you need to face two facts:
                • UE is around since 1998. It is entirely written in C++. If you really wanted to profit from the open sourceness of UE, you would need to get comfortable with C++ anyway. You will need to access its source code if you really wanted to make the engine your own - or request that the Epic team converts its whole project to C#, which would be very futile and a huge waste of time.
                • UE is an engine, its not a tool. Whether you code in C++ or C#, you will need to get familiar with the Engine and all its facettes. Whatever you want to do with the engine, 90% of the time you will access the engine code and execute the functions and use the classes and structs that the engine provides. You will also have to use their macros - whether you are in C# or not. Because in the end, the project you create will be just an extension of the engine - or rather, the engine will be part of your game. You will have to dwelve into the documentation, learn about the engines terminology and look at the API of all the classes you might need for your project. This is a step that you will have to go through no matter which scripting language you use and can not be skipped. And most of the time - unless you really want to extend the engine by new features - the only code library you will use is the engine itself. It is true that C# is easier in many cases, but in this case - if we judge it by probability - it will probably be of no real value.

                Just for those two reasons, I think there are many more important features that the epic team should care about.

                I suggest that we let matmuze and kindred spirits speak for themselves and give them the chance to appeal to the epic team for as long as he wants instead of trying to silence him. This is after all the forum section for feedback and different opinions should be allowed here. Any further discussion from the opposition will be useless unless the epic team resonsiders whether to reject the idea or not. So to those people still opposing this idea: Chill and allow other users to be. This is probably what the epic team would like us to do as well. (I guess)


                  Originally posted by rYuxq View Post
                  You make some rather fair points, but this is also a forum of open discussion as well. Otherwise the feature request would be hidden behind a submission wall or locked.


                    It indeed is, that is why I ask for the opposition to chill and sit back a little When I read this thread I even forgot that this was about asking for C# halfway through. What I want to say is: The opposition is way stronger than it needs to be. So strong that this is no open discussion at all, but rather an onslaught


                      Thank you rYuxq.


                        Has pass 5 year since the first entry on this post, and many things has changed in the .NET world.

                        This is a summary of these changes, c#, Xamarin, dotnet core, mono and many things inside the .net ecosystem are open source, .NET 5 come the next year with incredible performance improvement and platform support, including Linux, Android, iOS, OSX, WebAssembly and of course Windows, other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox are waiting for confirmation.

                        Currently there are open source projects like USharp that use the MonoUE project and are making a great work, they need support to fill the gap of performance by improve the mono implementation.

                        In conclusion now is a good time to thing a side by side language support.


                          However with the combo C++/C#/Blueprints UE4 would have the potential to reach absolutely every type of person that are willing to make games
                          Originally posted by Bobvodka View Post

                          Except it wouldn't.

                          What about the people who loves to Lua?
                          What about the people who loves to use Python?
                          What about all the web-dev people who primarily know JavaScript?

                          Are they not 'people willing to make games'?
                          He's right, you know.


                          Oh and took me these 5 years to finally really understand what Tim Sweeney was saying in this topic
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                            Originally posted by BrUnO XaVIeR View Post
                            Oh and took me these 5 years to finally really understand what Tim Sweeney was saying in this topic
                            I'll go ahead and assume that working on a large-scale project hammered it home finally? :P