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Idea for Unreal Engine 4 - Common project directories

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    Idea for Unreal Engine 4 - Common project directories

    I would like to propose that we create a new "Common" directory or area in UE4 where anything placed under this common location would be available to ALL unreal projects using UE4. Where this would be really helpful is with assets that someone might re-use between projects. This way I wouldn't have to have eight copies of materials, characters,animations etc for eight different projects. This would also end the "Which project did I change that material in?" problem as when you change an item in the common area it automatically is changed in ALL Unreal engine projects!

    What do you think guys?

    I like this idea a lot. I do something like this already using synctoy so it propogates changes in textures to every folder but saving disk space is always an exciting prospect.

    I second this motion with all the force of a great typhoon and all the strength of a raging fire.
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    Runtime Datatable
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      This would be a great addition.