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[Feature Request] Anim Blueprint : Make node a paramater.

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    [Feature Request] Anim Blueprint : Make node a paramater.

    Hey guys, here's something I've been struggling with and perhaps there already is such a thing, but in case there's not, here is what I'm talking about:

    Above you see a very basic setup where the ORANGE node is my lower-body animation and the GREEN node is my upper-body animation.

    The lower-body of my character will be relatively basic and won’t change much based on the gameplay. It’s a different story with the upper-body since my character will be equiping several different items/weapons.

    The way I’ve seen this achieved is by having a ‘blend by int’ node and then plug the correct animation for each possible weapon. But for this, I need to know in advance which weapons my character can hold and create the animation graph for it. And whenever I add a new weapon, I have to go back and change the animation blueprint in order for it to work. Is there a better way to do this?

    One of the ideas I had was to make the GREEN node become a paramter ( much like in a material ) and allow me to change it during gameplay. This way, I don’t have to know which items this character can hold, and I can plug a different GREEN node during game-play.

    I would probably store the animation node IN the item, so that anyone can create new items by deriving from my base ITEM class and plugging the correct upper-body node for it. This way I wouldn’t have to go back into my animation blueprint for every item added in-game and it will make the anim blueprint easier to read..