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    launcer feedback

    I really don't like the launcher for the 3 main reasons.

    1: there needs to be an option to load the editor when I click on the shortcut instead of the launcher and maybe have a button in the editor to open the launcher menu to get to the marketplace/documentation...ect, having to go through the launcher every time I want to open UE4 is just annoying.

    2: it randomly updates itself and quite often gets stuck at 80 or 81%.

    3: it forces you to update UE4, it would be better if it had the option to update or launch instead.

    its starting to bug me so I thought I'd make a post.

    Thanks smokey13,

    I forwarded your feedback. As to (1) "maybe have a button in the editor to open the launcher menu to get to the marketplace/documentation", that is already there. There is a big "Marketplace" button in the Level Editor's toolbar, and File -> Help -> Documentation... will bring you to the documentation.
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      hi gmpreussner,

      I knew there was a marketplace button in the last beta but hadn't checked to see if it was still there and couldn't check when I was writing that post because the engine was updating, always the way

      anyway thanks for forwarding it