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I am seriously questioning my sanity (TOOLTIPS COVER MORE THAN 50% OF THE SCREEN)

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    [EDITOR] I am seriously questioning my sanity (TOOLTIPS COVER MORE THAN 50% OF THE SCREEN)

    For the love of all that is holy.....
    Why does my screen get covered by the FULL articles about a variable...(hold CTRL+ALT for more....)
    I will use my browser for that thank you!

    Yes i tried disable tooltips in the INI files but that disabled literally 100% of every tooltip in the WHOLE editor software.
    I am having a very hard time to process this logic, im about to loose my ****...

    Is there any way to disable these utterly useless and annoying and lets be honest infuriating tooltips?

    Click image for larger version

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    Oh god yes, I hate the tooltips so SOOO much, they are unhelpful and non explanative in 99% of times and always cover important aspects of my blueprints.

    There needs to be an option to disable them, or at least make them pop-up only after a set amount of seconds on mouse-hover. The current way is such a bad design..


      Hi, I submitted a PR what enabled short tooltips for the classes and variables in the BP editor that have them enabled already, see Cheers,


        Why didn't you at least hold <CTRL+ ALT> for more info though?
        For me, much of the time ToolTips offer no extra useful info at all!


          I love these ones too:

          Click image for larger version

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