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Low quality text when witget is down scaled with SetRenderScale

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    [BLUEPRINT] Low quality text when witget is down scaled with SetRenderScale


    User Interface > Widget Blueprint

    Widget > Canvas > SizeBox > ScrollBox > Button > TextBlock

    Widget resolution 3840x2160, text is default roboto bold, size 64. No shadow, no outline.

    Inside editor with zoom 1:1 and in-game with 3840x2160 monitor, all UI widget components are rendered correctly.

    Now i pass widget in Graph through SetRenderScale with 0.5 scale in both axis, result in 1920x1080 widget perfectly scaled. High quality text. Ordered and smooth.

    Now with 1280x720 all widget perfect, but text very bad quality.

    I know that reducing resolution, less pixels to define UI, but is not the issue, there are some bug here scaling text under 1920x1080, making the result worse than expected.

    For instance, Roboto bold has all letters with the bottom base at the same height, except g and others. This is how is rendered at 3840x2160 or 1920x1080, but with 1600x900 or 1280x720 letters that before are inline, now move randomly up/down from the base line, and thickness is bugged, for instance, differents buttons with "i" letter in its name has different letter width.

    With RichTextBlock and the same settings, same issue. If i add shadow or outline, in both TextBlock and RichTextBlock, the result is realy ugly. I tested with other imported open font type, same issue. Please fix.

    Anyone with this issue ?