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    Video Preview for marketplace sellers

    Currently in the marketplace if one is selling asset packs the only way for prospective customers to view the product is through submitted thumbnails and any external links to videos on youtube / vimeo etc.

    It would be a great thing to have the option of during the submission process of submitting a video file so that customers can be presented with a demo-video of the assets without needing to click on a link. This would give customers who are essentially 'window-shopping' an asset more incentive to make a purchase, and gives the seller an opportunity to explain more fully to the customer exactly what they are getting for their money. Of course it would have to be up to the seller to provide the video footage, and the specifics of the video file formatting would have to be at Epic's discretion. If this does intend to be worked on, knowing the specifics of this video file formatting in advance would be helpful.

    (PS, if other people agree with me, giving this post a thumbs up would be appreciated)



    Even just the ability to include a YouTube video embedded in with the rest of the images would be nice. Autoplay when selected but muted by default, similar to Steam.

    EDIT: To clarify I mean autoplay when the video slides into view.