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[Request] Select Name node, Float To Int node

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    [Request] Select Name node, Float To Int node

    Just discovered this one, thought it was weird.

    Most variables have a corresponding "Select" node, which passively selects one of two values based on a bool (saving wire space on branch execution paths and the like).

    Names, however, do not.

    Thought this was pretty weird.

    Similarly, there is no (simple) way to take a float, truncate all the decimal values, and convert it to an Int. Also thought this was weird.

    What's ESPECIALLY weird is that both can be worked around with strings; for the former, I convert two names to strings, use "Select string", and then convert the output back to a name. For the latter, I can convert a float to a string, then convert that string to an Int (and it truncates the decimal place).

    Neither one is particularly problematic, as the workaround is extremely simple, but it seems weird to me that such nodes don't already exist.

    Click image for larger version

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      I knew it was something simple with the float to Int.

      Still weird about Select Name though.