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Small improvements that make your life easier

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    Small improvements that make your life easier

    Heya Epic Dev's!

    Been playing around with your awesome tool

    I don't know if this has been said before..
    Some minor-Fixes i would like to see for the engine:

    - Hold shift to change direction of U/V panning a material! the little arrows next to that are so wonky.. (like panning in Legacy UED)
    Also i tried to input a custom texturepan value , but it does nothing. am i doing it wrong? 1/16, 1/256, 1/512 does nothing.

    - Make it possible to select multiple folders in content browser and migrate them all at once...

    - Make a option to block the layout of the windows.. So my content browser/Modules/Asset list open in the same way on the left screen (always)

    - A texture rotate tool/button (like legacy UED)
    - A texture Pan tool/button (like legacy UED)

    I will probably find some more stuff as i go.. But these appeal very usefull.
    Hope you guys take note of this

    cheers ~irri

    For my favorite tool ....


    - Add real AZERTY compatibility
    - Export do not work with key Mapping
    - Save Editor Preferences for all project


    I love the idea that everything is together in the safe
    -Add export my Assets , project in my Vault with setting like Name , info, screenshot etc..

    Click image for larger version

Name:	89046b28b0b50c98bddf7ae680027e2e_1.png
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Size:	125.5 KB
ID:	1056800

    Persona BlendSpace TimeLine

    Add Zoom
    Add grille Snapping
    Time value bellow timeline
    Better Space (new Windows) Parameters & Samples in D├ętails Panel

    Click image for larger version

Name:	e5705c81ca9eb4683a77837378553cfa_2.png
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Size:	21.2 KB
ID:	1056803

    Material Editor

    Sometimes , I would like to try somethings in Photoshop , maya , mudbox or something like that ... and I would like to get a picture
    - Add Output Node (Export Image Result to disk)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cec60c850390963df0ff9529548eea87_1.png
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Size:	126.2 KB
ID:	1056804

    Freeze Compare Preview Mode

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2e3d39c4b58ea3c03e98cbf234a643d3.png
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Size:	146.3 KB
ID:	1056874

    -Add background for Reflexion in Material preview

    Click image for larger version

Name:	5e8ab80d1959c317f87ee8e9f6173bcb.png
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ID:	1057080

    Material Editor & BluePrint
    Make something because comment on comment within comment , it's crazy

    Animation Montage - TimeLine

    Add Grille Snapping
    Need 3000% Zoom for add New Montage Section :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	fb25b751347936c65b2216679ea9e6b7.png
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Size:	11.7 KB
ID:	1056839

    Spline Component
    -Snap/Align Point :
    Add work Key "END" ( Snap to the Floor) for Spline Point selected
    and more if you want...

    FBX 2015(.1)

    FBX (2015.1) with support import and export of ShaderFX graphs since MayaLT
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      A added my Small improvements , i will again if needed