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Add "can be executed" bool parameter for custom events

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    Add "can be executed" bool parameter for custom events


    Since 4.4 release, blueprint generated functions have been reworked as described below:
    Removed FUNC_Exec flag from all Blueprint-generated functions. This prevents some functions from being called by simply typing their name in the console. If you'd like to directly call an event from the console, please use the following syntax: ke * MyEvent, or replace the * with the name of the instance you want to call the event on.
    Whilst in majority of the cases, this change can be considered beneficial for security reasons, it also cuts off blueprint workers from fast way to implements features, such as cheat codes in their projects.
    My suggestion is to add an additional parameter (disabled by default), which will control whether given function/event is generated with FUNC_Exec flag.
    This way, developer can control, whether they want to expose given functions to the end user.

    As for the usage of ke */ce, it's good for developer and/or debugging but does not work well for implementing actual cheat codes for the end user. It significantly extends the length of the code and has no autofill hints.

    Here's a visual representation of what do i have in mind:

    Image Removed: Too Large

    Thanks for the suggestion! That seems like a reasonable request, as long as we return to the rules of Exec functions have a specified calling order from the Local Player > Player Controller > Possessed Character in order to eliminate the ambiguity of which instance to call the function on. I'll add it to the list!